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  • Oak Table team Oak Table team Ross and friends support the Village Green Project
  • Kelly and George Kelly and George improve the health of our community by having fun, bringing people together and encouraging diversity.
  • Clint & Landon Clint & Landon It takes a community!
  • Michelle Lanning Michelle Lanning I need the new community center for.. my community, my parents, my children and my future grandchildren - a multi-generational safe environment for all.
  • Ed & Ana Ed & Ana I need the new community center for.. our new library! And senior center for Bridge and the Boys & Girls club of course!
  • I need the Village Green Community Center for recreation, reflection and a more robust community. A new center is an idea long overdue!
  • Bobbi & Denis with Jane & Stan Bobbi & Denis with Jane & Stan A place to be and be seen
  • A place to hold classes, A place to hold group meetings A place to hold intergenerational get-togethers, A place for children to gather, A park for the end of the fourth of July, A playground and picnic area for gatherings and families.

Kingston Community Center

The present community center facility is 80 years old and has suffered from a lack of active maintenance.  It is not safely accessed because of the two million cars and motorcycles driven by it annually when the state ferry loads and unloads.Parking is also limited, and the senior center is not ADA-compliant - its handicapped ramp is steep and ends in a concrete wall.

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The existing facility served the community forty or fifty years ago. Its limitations have helped to generate interest in a replacement facility to be located in a park adjacent to the Village Green Senior Apartments, separately funded and completed November 2013 and safely walkable to all downtown Kingston amenities.

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Volunteers Needed
What You get out of participating

* Mow the lawn
* Clean the playground
* Plan and participate in the upcoming architectural design meetings
* Help to make landscaping decisions
* Write grants for both the building and the park
* Gather signatures for the Metro Park District formation
* Go to meetings and look for synchronicity


  • Participation in the most significant quality-of-life project in recent Kingston history
  • Knowledge that your kids and your kids' kids will be benefiting from your efforts
  • A tax-deductible donation, whether you've made cash or in-kind donations (to the limit of the law)
  • The chance to see your neighbors in a new light - they have skills and experience you never dreamed of!